Neil Patrick Harris Is Back In Harness for the Night at the Oscars  

Neil Patrick Harris announces that he is not immune to feeling jittery on a special event like the Oscars on Sunday. Although he thinks it could be an advantage to feel that way.

“Nerves fuel you. That being said it’s hard to not be overwhelmed by the enormity of all of it,” Harris said.

Harris has been getting ready for the big night at the Oscars. With so many hosting experience he aims to be careful with his jokes as not to offend anybody and make them feel at ease yet maintaining his sharp humor. He guarantees the audience will be caught unaware with what’s coming ahead.

“They love the phrase ‘only on the Oscars’ and that’s been a mantra that’s been in my head for a long time. It’s now a tattoo on my lower back,” Harris joked. “There’s some interesting surprises. There will be unexpected people showing up and I have some things that I am planning on doing that are unusual for the host’s canon.”

“I’ll have options, multiple options, and a real sense of where it’s going. If people are liking the dark humor we can try that option, and if it gets a little too ‘hey’ then we’ll go back and forth. I’m going to do game day decisions a lot.” The star studied list of nominees and performers will be fun and entertaining for the TV fans to watch. As humble as he is he considers himself on of those fans.

“I’m very star struck,” he admitted. “So it’s going to be interesting to stand out there and look right down 7 feet away from people that I would normally have some sort of restraining order against me if I got too close to them.”Harris recalled he was just exactly like anybody else since he grew up never missing to watch the Oscars.

“Everyone watches the Oscars year after year after year,” he said. “It leaves a real strong mark. It makes you want to see more movies. It makes you want to become an actor.”

Harris will definitely amaze everyone in the audience both in the Dolby Theatre

And TV homes on Sunday night.



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