Beware of Peanut laced Cumin, They Can Be Fatal to You

There have been reports about incidents involving cumin intake that’ve triggered allergies in people who are allergic to peanuts. Testing revealed that shipments of the spice contained peanuts without the proper warnings included on their labels. The Food and Drug Administration warns people who have peanut allergies to refrain from taking cumin as it could be lethal to those who are very sensitive if they could take in the contaminated cumin.

The products, reaching hundreds, were then returned to their manufacturer starting last December. Those products included spice mixes to black beans; even meats seasoned with cumin were no exception. The FDA also announced that cumin may still be sold as a spice mix or in packaged foods like soups and chilies as long as is indicated as a minor ingredient.

The spice was said to have been often used in Indian foods and Tex-Mex, adding that the spices were imported. The FDA refuses to explain how or what company may have included peanuts or its residue in the spice, making them even more dangerous to those allergic to peanuts.

There has been no explanation on just who is responsible to this major blunder. Seven reports of unfavorable incidents included indescribable peanut allergens, although the reports may have not yet been thoroughly examined.

It is advised that those who might have experienced the same reaction from the product may contact the FDA to file a report.

Packaged foods may not contain enough of an amount of the contaminated cumin to actually cause any reaction. Yet, those who could easily get allergies should not take any risks. It is said that it may not appear as the word cumin itself but can be included as “spices” under the list of ingredients.

It took two months to have the products shipped back to its manufacturer. On December 26 the Texas-based Adams Foods got their products of cumin spices back. On Feb. 9, the Whole Foods retailer got more than 100 products that are believed to have the highest possibility of containing the cumin.

Goya Foods also got their products back last Friday, some being black beans and black bean soup. Many other products suspected of being contaminated were also removed from store shelves.





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