A Cutting-Edge Cold Storage System Will Preserve Data Error Free for Up to A Up to a Couple of Million Years

There’s a novel way of storing important data which has the ability of preserving the information encrypted in it for millions of years. Swiss scientists have discovered this by utilizing DNA while being kept chilled in a glass.

The researchers charged data into DNA, and after two years, tried recovering it. But they found out that it useless to use it as a long term storage medium until they came up with a new way of system which involved chilling and fossilizing the DNA.

Fossilized and chilled, DNA can survive millions of years. The glass pods need to be to be stored however at approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit and a very reliable data can still be retrieved from it after 2,000 years after. Lowering the temperature of the storage place of the pods down to 10 degrees, it can last for 2 million years.

Utilizing the inherent coding system of DNA, scientists were able to design and build data-encoded DNA. Each DNA carry with them four chemicals, A, G, and T.  According to researchers it is a highly efficient system. The researchers also confirmed that one gram of DNA material can store up to 455 exabytes of data.

Using DNA storage system is very expensive for practical use, but it will be an excellent way of preserving and passing information for the future generations. The researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) in the study have solved many problems connected with using DNA as data storage.

Reinhard Heckel from ETH Zurich’s Communication Technology Laboratory acknowledged that information will develop some errors after being stored for a million of years. In order to prevent this from happening, the researchers developed an error correction method akin to the Reed-Solomon Codes. Similar codes are also used for transmission of information involving over great distances.



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