Office apps iOS versions now have “free” access third-party storage services

Microsoft is not only applying the cliché “If you can’t kill ‘em, join ‘em” to the hilt, but it is also on a gallant effort to make its Office app more productive, enticing and functional. The technology giant Microsoft last Tuesday has just bolstered its touted product with support for third-party storage services.

Microsoft has announced the Office app’s support for third-party storage services in a blog post and has just devised new means of getting connected with popular storage apps such as Box, iCloud Drive and among others with its Office productivity suite that runs the iOS version.  The company also said that more third-party storage services will be tapped in the near future. The suite brings in Word, PowerPoint and Excel on its fold.

The software giant quipped that the users of the enhanced Office apps that are built for devices that run iOS now comes with the feature of saving files directly to Box and Apple iCloud Drive. This indeed a great news since the new feature will not charge added cost to the iOS devices users.

To date the support for third-party storage services limited only to the iOS versions of the Office apps. Nonetheless, Microsoft has stressed that it is “hard at work” to come up with the same features to the Android versions of the Office apps and the upcoming Windows 10 OS.

Office apps were at first linked only with Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Microsoft also stated in the blog post that the new development highlights the company’s “big step forward for Office integration into the apps and services that are important to our customers.”


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