Macho Men are Drinking Mother’s Milk to Keep Their Muscles in Perfect Shape

Natural nutrients are the new trend for muscle build. Body builders are scouring the internet for the best source to get it.

Rebecca was in a grocery shopping when a man beside him asked her if she’s breast feeding her baby. The question seemed natural so she answered in affirmative. After pausing for a while the man asked her, albeit hesitantly, if she’d like to sell her breast milk.

“I just sort of looked at him strangely and said ‘I don’t think so, but if you need breast milk they have milk banks for that – to make sure babies get milk,’” Rebecca recalled telling the man, KOMO-TV reported

The man explained, “Oh, no it’s for me. I’m doing bodybuilding and CrossFit.’”

The unidentified man is only one of the many who are looking for breast milk. For those who are interested, there are several forums that linked interested body builders to mothers selling their milk. has a separate category for “men buying breast milk.” While some of the classified ads are indeed women who are likely looking for milk to feed their infants, a handful of ads are from men who unashamedly state they drink it themselves for health reasons. Others are clearly embarrassed.” offers a special section for “men buying breast milk.” There are also those who advertised in classifies ads, women, who are in search for breast milk for their babies.

“Looking for fresh milk. [U]ltimately I would like a wet nurse, but fresh is good. Please don’t judge me. Please be somewhat local to [J]oliet. Willing to travel a reasonable distance to pick up, or to nurse,” one ad reads.

Another comes from a user who identifies as an “educated, white, 29-year-old adult male:”Willing to travel a little bit. Looking to possibly nurse, who knows? If you have an open mind… shoot me a message.”

There was a man, who had his face posted on his profile page, said he’s interested for “long-term supplier.”

“I use milk for health reasons but my current supplier has moved. I prefer creamy, sweet milk versus soy-like milk. I can meet in public if you like. I am willing to nurse (yes I have references) or pick-up freshly pumped. Please, NO FROZEN MILK!!! Thanks for looking, hope to find milk soon!!!” he writes.

Whatever advantages adults may derive from breast milk, experts say, are not much.

“Human breast milk is designed for human infants,” Clinical Director of the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank Joanne Ransom, told KOMO.

Emily Pease a registered nurse, and lactation consultant at Swedish Medical Center, said that there are no negative effects that breast milk has on adults but she isn’t aware of any benefits either.

Whatever advantages adults may derive from breast milk, experts say, are not much.

Ransom, warned buyers from purchasing breast milk from the internet. There’s no telling what infectious diseases might be in the milk.  One big possibility is HIV. There are no government laws that regulate online sale of breast milk in the US, she added, but in Canada it’s illegal to sell breast milk on the internet, KOMO reported.




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