University Women Deal With Their Financial Problems by Following A “Starvation” Diet

Having financial difficulties while in school is one sure way of increasing the possibility of developing eating disorders in female students, according to the latest study.

Researchers at the University of Southampton then noticed a trend where unnaturally aggressive attitudes to food and its consumption heralded short-term financial difficulties for female students, a “vicious cycle” that causes them to suffer no matter their inclination.

“There may be a ‘vicious cycle’ for these students, where negative attitudes towards eating increase the risk of financial difficulties in the short term, and those difficulties further exacerbate negative eating attitudes in the longer term,” Dr. Thomas Richardson, lead author of the study and clinical psychologist, said in a statement.

The research was carried out by collecting data and analyzing them from more than 400 undergraduate students from universities all over the United Kingdom in order to find any connection between socioeconomic standings and eating habits.

The family’s financial capabilities of the volunteers were appraised, including financial difficulties experienced at present (one example is difficulty in paying heating or having to resort to bank loans)and attitudes towards food and eating using the Eating Attitudes Test (EAT)

Researchers say that women are more affected with money problems and leads to eating disorders, but not in men.

“It may be that those at higher risk of having an eating disorder feel like they have no control over events in their life, such as their financial situation, and they may then restrict their eating as a way of exercising control in other areas of their life,” Richardson said.

To further our knowledge on why financial difficulties and eating attitudes seem to be interlinked, we need to study them even more


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