IBM Elemental Path’s Barney-like CogniToy a huge hit

The epic light magenta colored Barney, a famous kiddie show character whose songs and antics were loved by plethora of kids, parents and the young at heart worldwide will have a new rival that is whipped up by Elemental Path that is equally good in providing delight and fun.

Elemental Path’s CogniToy dinosaur (a kiddie companion that grows with a child), is slowly carving out a niche and making its presence felt shortly after it was launched.

The new green-colored toy springs into existence thanks to an event called IBM Watson Mobile App Developer Challenge which had been staged successfully last year.

The startup which is based in New York rolled out the CogniToys on Kickstarter in a smashing fashion this week and the toy has immediately surpassed the $50,000 goal.  As of 6:09 Feb 18 the toy has 719 backers and piled up $79,785 pledges. The company’s Kickstarter campaign still has 28 days remaining to amass more financial backing. With the big boost Elemental Path is now keen on making more toys that support Bluetooth in the near future.

The project started last year as Elemental Path competed in the IBM Watson Mobile App Developer Challenge, and basked in victory after its unique toy entry won. The grand winners of the event were granted access to IBM’s cognitive supercomputer, which gives life to the Barney-like CogniToy.

The company website quipped that it is thankful to the power of IBM’s Cognitive Computing Engine, named Watson, as “Elemental Path is creating the next generation of toys and changing the way kids learn and play.”

The features of the toy include: Pressing the tummy of the toy will enable it to talk directly with anyone, answer questions, hand out commands, make stories, crack knock-knock jokes, and its personality is expected to evolve with a kid as time goes by.




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