400 More Jobs in Louisiana Courtesy of IBM


Gov. Bobby Jindal’s gladly made it known to the public that IBM Corp will come up with 400 jobs in Monroe for a period of 10 years. The governor stated in The News-Star that the state will also give to the University of Louisiana, Louisiana Tech University, and Grambling State University the amount of $4.5 million. It will produce more computer science graduates to comply with its manpower needs.

“This is a combination of two great companies creating the kind of high tech jobs in Louisiana that will give our kids a career path that allows them to stay in the region and the state,” Jindal stated. “It’s one of the most exciting announcements in a series of announcements involving CenturyLink.
I can’t say enough about (CenturyLink CEO) Glen Post and his innovative leadership,” the governor said.
The IBM service center will serve both the CenturyLink and other customers. It will be situated at U.S. 165 North across from CenturyLink’s headquarters. IBM will be training CenturyLink employees from around the country, becoming full-time IBM employees in different locations.
The Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo believes that it will continue to lift Monroe and lead them to be the most economically successful cities in the states and nation.
CenturyLink is currently having 850 increase to its scope of job in Monroe. It is the largest public company with its managerial and administrative center in Louisiana. They are also planning to open the CenturyLink Technology Center of Excellence which will cover over 300,000 square feet, an inclusion to its headquarters in the coming spring season.
“We’re proud to be part of this innovative public-private partnership with the state of Louisiana and CenturyLink to further develop highly valued skills and solutions expertise in security, analytics and mobility applications,” stated Colleen Arnold, the senior vice president of IBM Sales and Distribution. “Louisiana is the right place for high-tech job growth with an exceptional education system, business environment and workforce to serve the needs of our clients.”


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