AT&T wages an all-out war against Google in the Fiber Service niche

After Google has made an announcement that it will bring its Fiber service to Austin, Texas, wireless carrier AT&T is set to join the foray as it signified its intention of engaging the search engine giant into a fierce skirmish in the fiber optics communications niche. The third largest wireless carrier in the United States is bullish on expanding further its market portfolio and take on Google by the horn.

AT&T is zeroing in on Google as it is heading out where the gigabit Internet battler has first spouted out, which is Kansas City. AT&T stated on a blog post that its GigaPower Internet service is now all in place.

The wireless carrier intends to provide the residents of Kansas City, Leawood, Lenexa, Olathe and Overland Park Internet connectivity at a break-neck speed that is at par best with Google Fibre and offers the same rate Google charges, but there’s more.

Subscribers on these areas are expected to obtain a breathtaking 1Gbps Internet speed aside from a three-year price guarantee, for a monthly fee of $70 that also covers the waiver of equipment, installation and activation fee. The offer will also allow the subscribers to access HBO channel with no extra charge with add on TV, and this is actually an AT&T’s $120 option. The customers may opt for additional U-verse/TV package that will let the subscribers add features such as unlimited voice calling for $30, to hike the total price tag to $150.

Keep in mind that AT&T’s monthly charge of $70 gigabit Internet plan will also let the wireless carrier to track the webpages that have been browsed by would-be subscribers. The company also has access to the time spent by its subscribers as well as the ads or links that customers have opened.

If a customer doesn’t like AT&T to monitor his activities he may opt for paying an additional monthly fee of $29. Unlike AT&T, Google is not spying on its subscribers’ online activities, but still it is keeping an eye on its subscribers through services that they have accessed.


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