Bradley Cooper No Valentine’s Day Girl


Reports said that Bradley Cooper was not with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, how could that be? Although Cooper was seen on the Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary passionately kissing Betty White. It may look so real but it is more unlikely to assume that the 40-year-old and 93-year old are a new couple. Although Cooper was said to have gone with his mom Gloria at the NBC bash on Valentine’s Day. Yet Suki Waterhouse was not at his side and has repotedly gone with some girlfriends and having fun in Lake

Austin, Texas. She even wished her Instagram followers a Happy Valentines early that day. How could she leave her supper hot boyfriend alone in the cold weather of New York?

Train Riding Can be a Class Act

Helen Miren known of her elegance in her roles as queen in two occasions is also as nice and elegant in reality. She shows her fans that she is not that grand to take public transport on the subway or anywhere. The 69-year-old Oscar winner was seen sitting up straight at the city’s squalid subway system and showing others some elegance lesson. In her fur-trimmed coat and long lavender gloves she politely placed her bag on her lap and not on the seat beside her saying that she would want to leave room for other people. Mirren seems a little dazed by people who are curious and wondering why a person of her sature would consider going alone to the subways and other public places. A buzzfeed stated” the classiest thing to ever happen on the subway “and told InStyle to suggest a shopping list influenced by her outfit.

Eviction Star is Facing Real Life Eviction

Mike Sorentino the former Jersey Shore star is facing eviction from his landlord.

His family had opened their franchise of Boca Tanning Club in Boca Raton, Florida almost a year ago. But Mike could not maintain his rent payments with his landlord that he had to be taken to court where an agreement was made to settle on the amount. But the reality star could not come up with the amount and is now being evicted. He is only given three days to get his things out and leave.

North West Fuss Over Stuffed Monkey Toy?

North West made her little scene at the New York Fashion Week when she saw a stuffed toy monkey that looked similar to hers. The photographer who happens to bring the toy with him for models to smile at him, approached and handed her the stuffed toy to stop those tears, Kim Kardashian though returned it after the show.




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