Lady Luck is finally smiling on Sony as its PlayStation 4 humbles Xbox One as Top Selling Gaming Console in January

Finally, Lady Luck is smiling on Sony. After beleaguered by hacking attack by the infamous Lizard Group and has been controversial last week because of invasion privacy issue, the Japanese consumer electronics company is now back in track and it is now lording over in the console gaming niche ahead of its tough rivals.


Sony’s PlayStation 4 has clawed back into top of the charts and takes back the pole position ahead of its closest competitor Xbox One last January 2015.

The recent figures will indicate that PlayStation 4 has sold a whopping 18.5 million units and way ahead of Xbox One which checked in at a distant second with posted sales of 10 million units.


According to Inferse, Xbox One got a big lift from Microsoft’s promotions of handing out discounts during the festive season last year.


Sony Computer Entertainment America quipped that, “PlayStation 4 was the top-selling console in January and remains the cumulative leader in the U.S. according to NPD data. Since launch in November 2013, 18.5 million PS4 units and 81.8 software units have been sold through to consumers worldwide.”


Microsoft continues to explore ways to have a strong grip at the gaming console segment as it concentrated on forging deals with game developers to whip up games that are only exclusive to Xbox One. One of the famous exclusive gaming titles that Microsoft has obtained so far is the multiplayer first-person shooter video game “Titanfall.”


Xbox One is only the gaming console that has an exclusive “EA Access.” The Electronic Arts or EA is one of the top companies that create sports-related video games wordlwide.


According to Tech Radar, Microsoft has also made improvements on its console’s features like enabling the players to snap game screenshots.


On the other end, Sony is focusing more on virtual reality as the company has just made an update on its PlayStation Now network, PlayStation TV, and its souped-up Project Morpheus which is tipped to provide video games that support virtual reality features.


Sony is also poised to roll out its exclusive video games such as the much-awaited “Uncharted 4″ and The Order 1886.”


And last but definitely not the least, both Sony and Microsoft are leaning towards on incorporating 4K hardware functionality on their gaming consoles.


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