Google Nexus 6 snapper not good at taking pictures?

The versatile and chic Google Nexus 6 is arguably an awesome smartphone that runs Android mobile operating system, but then, just like its precursors the smartphone has been receiving criticisms for coming up with sub-par images.

However, according to a report furnished by the website a certain Google Nexus 6 handset owner has said otherwise since he has some crisp images to boot and the pictures can be seen on this link.

The photos which looks awesome are untouched and haven’t been enhanced by any photo-editing software or app. This will just show that taking pictures using the Google Nexus 6 front and back snappers is not an issue after all. The only caveat is that taking pictures takes quiet a long time to come up with decent photos.

What do you think about the photo taking capabilities of Google Nexus 6? Is it good or not all? Is the camera not at par best with the other cameras of other smartphone brands? Is there just a need for the users to get well-acquainted with their Nexus 6 phones to come up with exceptional photos?

Feel free to give your opinion in the comment box below.


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