Another serious crime for reality star Valerie Fairman of “16 and Pregnant”

On February 12, Valerie Fairman was caught doing another serious crime that threw her into jail. This former MTV reality star was reportedly seen on the streets of New Castle, Delaware, trying to pull off another misconduct that prompted the authorities to imprison her. She was reportedly accused of offering sexual acts on an undercover officer in exchange for money.

This news is the latest addition to her numerous counts of serious crimes that she has been committing since 2011. Vallerie, now 21, was with seven other women in a multiagency prostitution group when she was found and proven guilty. The police had organized an operation to catch the criminals lurking in the streets “in response to numerous citizen complaints of prostitution and other quality of life crimes that have been occurring.”

It was found that Valerie was the youngest woman who was arrested in the joint operation with the Delaware State of Police, New Castle County Governor’s Task Force, Delaware State Police New Castle County Drug Unit, New Castle County Police Department, and the Wilmington Police Department. She was given the criminal summons for prostitution and is expected to appear in court.

Valerie was one of the participants of MTV’s reality show during the second season when she was only 15 years old. Bringing up her newborn wasn’t easy, as she reportedly had frequent fights with the father of her baby.

Valerie in her previous years had also been arrested from a series of crimes. In 2011 she was arrested for beating up her adoptive mother, in 2012 she was alleged suffering from prescription pill addiction which had her sent her to rehab. That same year, she committed 3 misdemeanors and was arrested for 3 felonies, had several other crimes like being charged with two counts of theft, and was charged an amount of $ 2,000 for a motor vehicle. Several similar charges were made against her that year but she was finally arrested when she stuck her dirty finger to the court.






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