A Writer Tries on Kim Kardashian’s New look Outfit and Gets Cold as Ice

Kim Kardashian’s new outfit from Kanye West’s Adidas collection seemed to impress some critics. But, was it really wearable? A Daily News author thought of trying the look on for herself after seeing it, wondering how the 80s-workout meets ‘Hunger Games’ look would make people respond to the nude body stockings and see-through skin-colored cropped top if it were worn in the streets.

Kim Kardashian was seen wearing the outfit to support her husband Kanye West with his new line of collection for the Adidas fashion show in New York. It was more likely that Kim Kardashian would also wear the bizarre ensembles of nude body suits and see through cropped top, leaving her with no choice but to wear matching clothes with the models in the fashion show. This new look is far different from Kim Kardashian’s usual line of clothing.

A newscaster tried on the new outfit in 20-degree weather as she put on her own see through stockings and cropped bra like top that she found at a sex shop in Chelsea with a few others picked from American Apparel. She was later walking down the street to SoHo when she realized it was not at all a very comfortable outfit. It wasn’t ‘yeezy’ as Kanye would say.


In the penetrating coldness of the weather, Beth Stebner only had underwear as outerwear to keep warm. The glamorous people at the SoHo didn’t even take notice or shown interest in her “keeping up with the Kardashian’s” image.

One well- to-do resident had gestured to a fur coat, but she didn’t take it.


Some critics may have praised Kanye’s new line of collection, but majority thought that the entire look did not very much appeal to the fashionistas. One would say Kanye is the 2015 version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.





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