The Blood Black Market in China Is Controlled by Blood Heads

A different kind of drought going on in China right now. The lack of blood in hospitals and blood banks has left relatives of patients who need blood transfusion scouring for through the black markets. The implementation that the health agency implemented a few years ago gives blood donors the decision to sell their blood certificates to anybody of their own choice.  The buyer can then go and claim the blood from the national blood bank.

Blood heads are not new in the country. To increase blood supply in the country, the Chinese government encouraged few years ago farmers to donate their red blood cells and plasma. This however increased the incidence of HIV in the country due to defective blood collection procedure.

The government in order to correct the poor bloodletting technique instituted some changes and of these is professionalizing the system. By the middle of 1990, strict guidelines were enforced. Blood donor screening became more rigorous and selling of blood became unlawful.

The government encouraged friends and family members of the patients to donate their own blood instead. Together with this, health care centers will only accept blood donations with an accompanying certificate.

The system worked, nonetheless, this created a big problem for a variety of reasons. One, not everyone is acceptable or has the capacity to donate their blood. Two, provincial governments keep their own blood supply. Three, blood donors are limited to give blood only twice a year.

This created a backlog and those who have no other means of obtaining the blood go to blood heads, people who donated blood, own the certificates, and sell them to the needy on an average price of more than $150 per 100 cc.

Although the government is trying to crackdown on blood heads, it doesn’t do it in consistent manner. There are also many cases when the authorities who are mandated to catch them are the same people who are protecting them.

There’s a short supply of blood in the country right now. Students are usually tapped to bridge the shortage. Employees are also are asked to donate blood. However some documents showed that these same people also used blood heads to attain their own quota of blood supply.



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