Federal Aviation Administration to Control Drone Management

More news about drones becoming a nuisance to the public has become increasingly common and has been getting a lot of attention these days. There have been more incidents of drones accidentally landing on the White House or getting in the way of an airplane; very disturbing news.

The Federal Aviation Administration is now making its move towards managing these problems since reports on them are mostly unfavorable. Sales of these unmanned aircraft had gone up during the holiday season that they are now becoming more popular and commonly. There have been reports that drones were spotted by pilots as they were landing their planes, potentially obstructing the craft.

These all points to the Federal Aviation Administration to monitor the possibilities of the dangerous use of drones. “They have to make a whole federal aviation regulation — a whole chapter in the federal aviation regulations to support the operation of unmanned aircraft systems,” commented Dr John Robbin of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, specialist in unmanned aircraft studies.

The FAA is expected to start setting its rules for managing drones by locating proper or suitable area for them to fly. Penalties will be imposed on those who try to stray from this safe-zone.

To achieve this, FAA officials are collecting important facts from pilots and professors at Embry-Riddle to be guided by them.

Robbins envisions that the FAA will make the manufacturers develop a technology to keep the unmanned aircraft away from planes in the sky to avoid possible collision accidents. “The unmanned aircraft’s system’s ability to sense manned aircraft or the proximity to manned aircraft and their ability to avoid them,” Robbins said.

The FAA-required technology enforces the prohibition of drones from getting near the White House and airports or other zones that the drones are not permitted to fly.

All unmanned aircraft will more likely to follow FAA’s new rules whenever were they obtained. Drones can also be hacked and the owners of a certain unmanned aircraft will have to answer and fined even if some other person may already be controlling it.


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