Nissan 370Z NISMO Roadster, GT-R LM race cars grabbed the spotlight at Chicago Auto Show

Japanese automotive manufacturer Nissan has just pulled of a couple of head turners in the ongoing Chicago Auto Show as it launched the 370Z NISMO Roadster Concept and the GT-R LM NISMO racing cars.

The sleek and nimble GT-R LM NISMO race car made its first grand appearance in Nissan’s Super Bowl XLIX advertisement earlier this month, whilst the 370Z Roadster Concept is a new road monster as combine two distinct models to give rise to a blazing race car.

Nissan is mighty proud in launching the two cars at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show which comes with breathtaking features and design.

The 370Z NISMO Roadster Concept is an amalgam of the 370Z Roadster and the 370Z NISMO Coupe, which is peppered with a superb 350 hp V6 3.7-liter engine, suspension that is NISMO-tuned, and other features that are distinct to the race car.

The automaker quipped that the company’s idea is to pounce on the market’s yearning for its ultimate factory Z Roadster. The 370Z Roadster is the company’s most recent Concept after the Sentra NISMO Concept, which made its debut last year.

The 370Z NISMO Roadster concept flaunts a carbon-fiber rear custom spoiler that was specially built for the car itself, comfy Recaro seats with tailored Ultrasuede off-white inserts, a NISMO-enhanced design from the inside of the car, and among others.

On the other end, the GT-R LM NISMO racing car is a perfect fit all season long especially during summer. The GT-R LM NISMO is expected to grab the limelight in the upcoming Le Mans 24 Hours. The car is bolstered with a V6 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine, front-wheel-drive, hybrid power, and the list goes on.

Nissan’s SVP of sales and marketing, Fred Diaz, said that “This is GT-R taken to the extreme, representing the pinnacle of current racing technology.


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