James Franco feels sorry for Amy Pascal

James Franco feels sorry for Amy Pascal because of the recent hacking scandal of Sony’s employees which forced her to step down from her position as Sony’s co-chairman.

The Hollywood stars James Franco and Seth Rogen starred in the new film “The Interview” which tells about a plot to assassinate the Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un. The scandal spoiled the release when Sony, the distributor of the said film, experienced hacks that were speculated to be from North Korea as an act of retaliation on the upcoming film, although they denied all the accusations.

Personal e-mail messages of Amy Pascal with offensive comments about the U.S. President Barack Obama were made public. Pascal was asked on how she felt about being called a racist on her messages and she said it was “horrible” and yet it was “strangely freeing” because she knew that there was nothing she could really do about it. Her messages were even examined for any harsher words about her other associates. She says it’s how the Hollywood industry works.

“I’m so proud of the work that we did. That can get lost when something like this happens. I feel people can’t see the film clearly anymore. But we knew we were taking on a little bit more than just a stoner comedy with that subject matter, so maybe by doing that it became more than just a funny, well-made movie,” he told British newspaper The Guardian. “More than that, I’m really sad that Amy Pascal is a scapegoat. That a strong woman in cinema has to take the blame is, I think, a real shame. I did many projects with her, and she was nothing but a great person and a great executive.”

The recently released film may be a comedy, but James does not linger in one film category; he plays other characters as in the film I Am Michael where he plays the role of a gay named Michael who is a gay rights activist who abandons his sexuality when he finds God. James is proud of his talent of being able to fit in any role even when he thinks the process may be similar no matter who he is acting as.

“I see everything as connected in one way or another. One of the things I pride myself on is being able to fit into whatever film I do. Now, hopefully, I don’t choose a film that I can’t fit into, but once I do sign on, I’m not trying to make that film conform to me – I want to conform to the tone and flavor of the film. I want the character to fit that film,” he stated.


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