Google greets everybody “Happy Valentine’s Day” doodles on its landing pages

There is a cliché that goes little things spell the big difference and technology giant Google’s simple yet very sweet gesture on this year’s Valentine’s Day is a testament of this. Google has whipped up sweet animations on its landing pages as it greets surfers and visitors from four corners of the world on this very day where lovers, partners, couples and the likes paints the world red with TLC – tender loving care.

If you stayed for few moments in Google’s landing pages you will notice that the two “O” letters in the word “Google” are like human-like lovers expressing love in different ways like sharing headphones to hear music, drinking cup of coffee together, sharing time together under the rain and oops did I missed something. Well, see for yourself the landing pages of Google to find out what I have missed and discover how cleverly the internet search titan has spread love in the air.

These doodles are actually GIFs which can be in the forms small animations and low-resolution film clips. GIF is an acronym for Graphics File format.


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