“Men whom women find unattractive”  Are Against Valentine ’s Day Obligation chocolate

A group of men in Japan who identify themselves with a name that means Revolutionary Alliance of Men whom Women Find Unattractive.  They intend to go around the streets of Tokyo to rally and show their disgust and evil opinion on Valentine’s Day. Seems this men really need a little help from cupid.

The organization which is known by its Japanese word form Kakuhido , are starting to gather online to support their plan , stating in their website to express their dislike on the nearing of Valentine’s Day “ The blood soaked conspiracy of Valentine’s Day, driven by the oppressive chocolate capitalists , has arrived once again.“ But it has always been known by everyone that majority are in favor of the chocolate capitalists, kakuhido wants to get rid of the entire industry.

Now why would they blame it all on chocolate industries? The group resent the Japanese tradition of women buying “giri choko” or bound to give chocolates, for male friends and office mates. They also hate the idea that males have to give back in return some chocolates to the women in their lives a month later on an event created by candy companies in the 1980s which they call White day. This surely made them hate the candy companies since it greatly influenced people to carry on with the tradition.

Kakuhido would march around the streets when they are not protesting Big Chocolate, showing their dislike to public flirting and calling it “terrorism” and attacking “housewives who decide Japan’s future”, Media commentator Mark Schreiber told The Guardian, This is just showing that these men have trouble having relationship with women and are now “sour graping”. “They are self-admitted unattractive men who have tried, been found wanting, and have given up” he said. “They are frustrated and have the feeling they are excluded from holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.”



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