“The North Star State” Suffered Another Flu Casualty, Bringing it Up to 5


The flu virus isn’t finished yet what it does best and that is claiming the lives of children and the elderly. It claimed the life of another little child just when everybody thought it is safe to venture out. This happened in Minnesota. The report did not mention the exact place where the death occurred or the identity of the child.

The mismatched flu vaccine wasn’t able to do a lot or anything at all in stopping the dominant virus. It is one of the worst flu infection history in the US. The H3N2 virus was almost unstoppable and despite several alternative medications health officials tried in its place, they just ended up as palliatives, a sort of temporary remedy just a little better than placebos.

The Star Tribune reported that flu indicators are going down steadily in “North Star State” since last week and the death therefore may have come as a surprise to the health officials in St. Paul. Flu related health conditions, outbreaks and, infections were supposed to have reached their peak last week.

This flu season was particularly sever this year for Minnesota and it was spreading like wildfire everywhere in the state since the beginning of winter last December.

The dominant strain has started to mellow down but there’s another strain which just appeared. This type is of course one of those common types that usually appear during winter time. There’s no cause alarm however according to health officials because the virus vaccine that’s presently hopeless against the dominant virus is very effective against it.

The inability of the drug companies to provide the American people with an effective flu vaccine is a monumental gaffe and the 2014-2015 virus season will go down in the US history as one of the worst, thanks to the drug companies.




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