Is it Moral for Doctors to Assist in Voluntary Euthanasia as Long as they Have the Judge’s Blessing

When doctors took their oath, part of it included the Hippocratic Oath. The Hippocratic Oath is part of ancient times which has survived the changes that the medical profession, doctors especially, have undergone. It’s considered binding and doctors are expected to respect it no matter what.

It was written by Hippocrates and is considered holy by the physicians. What does it make doctors promise? To treat the ill to the best of one’s ability and to preserve the patient’s privacy and to pass on the secrets of medicine to the later generations.

We can surmise from this that the oath is geared towards preserving life; there’s nothing there that mentions making death easy for anybody who wants it.

The cancer case of Christie White of California has galvanized the nation into two opposing factions.  There are 5 doctors who are assisting the patient in filing a suit in San Francisco Superior court to allow the cancer victim to die peacefully without pain.

Is the court the final arbiter of moral issues? Does religion play a part in it? It seems that judges have the say on almost everything, even the key to life and death of every citizens in the country. But if not them, who does? The priest, pastors, rabbi, imams, and so on?

The doctors should know better. They are the people who will carry out the final act and they should examine not only the oath that they have vowed to uphold. Will society look kindly on this?

I was once asked by my pastor why one of our most active church leaders had to die an agonizing death. He died after almost 6 months of suffering from kidney illness. The pastor said that the sick person may have suffered a lot, but he didn’t mind because he was just more than happy to share in the Lord’s suffering, leading to His death and crucifixion.

But with the non-believers outnumbering the believers in this world today, I think that type of reasoning doesn’t hold water anymore

Each person to his own belief, as long as the judge gives his or her blessings.

Read the complete  Hippocratic Oath here: ippocratic Oath




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