Ford’s sleek Police Interceptor set to strut its wares in the Chicago Auto Show

American car maker Ford continues to make its presence felt on its niche and continues to ride on its momentum.Ford is poised to strut its wares on its bulwark by finally pulling out the cover of its refurbished model of the Police Interceptor in the upcoming Chicago Auto Show.


The Ford Police Interceptors which are hinged on the Ford Explorer SUVs and Taurus sedans are now mass produced at Ford’s Chicago assembly plant.


The pervasive police car is clad with a new sleek look and comes with an assortment of enhancements to boot. The police car boasts of new design on its front and rear-end that comes with a refreshed headlights. The innards of the car feature a new fangled instrument panel and an enhanced electrical system.


Ford confirmed on its official statement that the new design was conceptualized from the suggestions, cues, tips and observations that were provided to them by policemen and the company bring in more compelling features that will make life easier for cops while carrying out their mundane tasks.


Jonathan Honecutt, the dynamic Ford North American marketing manager for police vehicles Honecutt quipped that their Police Interceptor Utility is the top-selling police vehicle in the United States since his company has a inimitable relationship with its customers. The company listens to the For Police Advisory Board, to come up with vehicles that cops would love.


Moreover, Ford disclosed that they control 55% of the police car segment via its sedans which are based on the Taurus sedansand the Explorer-based SUVs. Detroit Free Press stated that the car manufacturer had managed to maintain its great standing in the market though it is still smarting from the shutting down of its Crown Victoria division which is used to be one of the main providers of police cars in the US.


According to USA Today, the police car decks in either a standard 3.7-liter V6 engine or 3.5-liter turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine. It also has a six-speed transmission with Pursuit mode that help dynamic drivers overcome shifting changes.



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