Yoga and Fish Oil Become Widely Popular Among Adults and Kids.

Two new government surveys have revealed that the number of Yoga enthusiasts among U.S. adults and children are now slowly going up.  The two surveys which were published by the CDC’s National Center for health Statistics (NCHS) stated that they examined the total record of users involved in alternative or complementary medicine among Americans.

In one survey, American adults were interviewed revealing that 6% of them said they considered Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qi Gong in the year 2002. In 2012, that number increased a little by 10%, with most growth towards yoga. On the other hand, American adults aged 65 and above showed that just 1% of them were into yoga. But in the year 2012, the number slightly increased to 3%. Another survey that concentrated on children showed the same pattern. A total increase of 1.7 million children in 2012 was a dramatic jump from 400,000 children in 2007. This may continue to rise since yoga is becoming more and more popular to parents who are more into the natural way of improving health.

Going on to the dietary supplement part of the survey, the adult use had gone down, dropping from 18.9% in the year 2002 to 17.7% by 2012. The supplements involved in the survey included fish oil, melatonin, probiotics, Echinacea and garlic and excluded vitamins and minerals. Several other kinds of supplements may have become popular before.

As to the increasing use of fish oil, some supplements like glucosamine and chondroin use could go down. Fish oil has recently seen the most adult users, with 7.8% using them compared to 4.8% in 2007. Fish oil also proved to be the most commonly used by children with surveys showing users went up a little from the 4% in 2007 to almost 5% in 2012, reports said.

Yoga originated in Northern India some 5,000 years ago.  It involves spiritual, mental and physical discipline. Yoga comes in several forms some of which are vinsaya, hatha,   iyengar and ashtanga and so on.










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