100 U.S. Personnel may have to Remain in West Africa To Help Develop A Disaster Response Training

Personnel of the United States military were stationed to West Africa last September to assist USAID and international partners in the struggle of controlling the spread of Ebola at its source. All personnel are scheduled to return home by April 30 but 100 of them will have to remain. This is just a skeleton force to finish whatever job has to be done.

Throughout the months, the Department of Defense transported vital life-saving supplies, erected Ebola Treatment Units, trained hundreds of local and international healthcare workers, and supplied operational assistance to humanitarian and public health workers who provided care all over West Africa.

During the most intense part of the outbreak, a mission was code named Operation United Assistance where 2,800 DoD personnel were stationed to West Africa to be able to run it successfully. Since the mission of the U.S. response to the situation was already accomplished, a large number of Dod personnel have already returned home, stated the Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby last Wednesday.

About 1,500 of them are now back in their duty stations and the rest will be scheduled to return by April 30. A controlled monitoring procedure will have to be taken by these personnel’s for public safety reasons.

The Department of Defense will leave behind important equipment to help assist the 10,000 civilian responders that had to stay behind. It will help them control or stop possible outbreaks in the future. Besides that, DoD have indicated that the 100 personnel that has to stay will have a mission in helping establish disease preparedness and surveillance capacity of the national governments.

DoD personnel will also develop a strong military partnership with the Armed Forces of Liberia to heighten their Ebola response effort and issue a disaster response training to the Government of Liberia. The soldiers will only be here in temporary capacity.









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