Google new feature to provide medical details in online health-related searches

Health is of essence as it provides immense humanitarian gains, improves wellness and fitness, saves millions of people all over the world, spurs domestic economic activities and gives rise to scientific innovations, breakthroughs and milestones.

Millions and millions of people worldwide uses the internet to look for necessary information to come up with quick remedies to common and complicated health problems, to know more about holistic lifestyle and to be in top shape.

There is great news for health-conscious folks who are finding difficulty in searching for information that are associated with health in the internet as technology giant Google has just quipped that it would include a very timely feature on its fold that will benefit the health-minded individuals.

This new feature will show up related and useful medical details on the Google search page every time internet users make online searches.

Google has stated in a blog post that if a user looks for a certain topic like for instance typing the keyword “diarrhea” in the search box of Google search engine, a page will appear with comprehensive details like symptoms, treatments, facts, causes, age factor, whether the condition is contagious or not and among others.

Google has quipped that it collaborated with doctors to come up with information that has been checked by the prying eyes of Mayo Clinic’s medical team for correctness.

The company had cautioned that the suggested search results it provides to the users should not be treated as medical advice. The company added that the keywords associated with health have been one of the most searched topics online and 1 out of 20 Google searches are related to health.


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