Childhood’s Vitamin D Deficiency  may Result to Heart Risks

A recent study was made that shows a low level of vitamin D during childhood and teens may possibly be correlated with the hardening of the arteries The hardening in the arteries is linked to heart disease which may be acquired later in life .

The study involved  2,100 participants who under went a physical examination to measure vitamin D level in their systems starting at the age of 3 to 18 and were revisited to undergo another test for plaque build up in the arteries after 27 years at ages 35 to 45.

According to the study which was released on Feb 10 , in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology , after considering other heart risk factors , the results show that those who had lower level of vitamin D when they were in their  younger age had shown signs of hardening in the arteries which puts them to a high risk of heart disease .

The connection was said to be different from other risk factors like high blood pressure, smoking, poor eating and lack of exercise or obesity . Although it does not say that deficiency of vitamin D in adults could also have an effect on the hardening of the arteries.

There is no definite conclusion on the study regarding the effect of vitamin D deficiency in childhood , it only suggest the connection that was seen between vitamin D levels and later heart health , therefore further study is required to justify the results . Also, the link between the vitamin D deficiency and the heart health concerns in later life does not prove a cause and effect .

The discovery  emphasizes that children should have the proper level of vitamin D intake so that heart risks could be minimized in later life , said author Dr. Markus Juonala a specialist in internal medicine and endocrinology at the University of Turku in Finland , in the latest news release .

The studies made earlier show that re is a link between low vitamin D levels in childhood and the high risk of stroke and heart attack , stated researchers based on their background information adding that it is typical for children all over the world to have a low vitamin level in their systems .





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