Cuba now enjoys Netflix Streaming Video Service For the First tIme

Cuba is now one of Netflix client on its streaming video business. A notable gesture that is obviously related to the slackening on limiting measures of U.S. on involving business with communist countries. This has given Netflix the opportunity to introduce its on streaming video service to such countries such as Cuba.

This will also bring about a chance of promoting Neflix Inc. since there is only a few who are living in Cuba or visiting that has a high-speed internet that can receive streaming movies and TV shows. Those privileged subscribers that can have the internet service are only those who have good internet connection like the international executives, foreign media workers and high-ranking government officials.

Since this new development had gained interest in many other Cubans they may still have the chance of acquiring its access through getting themselves connected with the state business who are authorized to obtain the service hence their online activities are constantly under a surveillance. This is being carried out since the streaming of videos at work is believed to be one of the cause that can set off disciplinary action from any violations done.

Netflix offers $ per month in payment for their service yet this could yet be considered an extra frill to most Cubans of 11 million of residents since majority of them are still earning a moderate income. It is also still prohibited by the law to make U.S. payments which makes it necessary for them to arrange an international procedure.

Cubans have not been introduced to use credit cards however MasterCard and American Express had just declared that they are making transactions by their U.S. card holders while they are visiting.

This interference though had not stopped Netflix from working on to create a solution so that further progress may be made possible and internet service will improve, household compensations will go up and relationship with U.S. will continue to develop cordiality.

Netflix currently has over five million subscribers in Latin America, 57 million customers worldwide including 39 million of those subscribers are in the United States.

Netflix is now at its most increasing process of development internationally.

This has made CEO Reed Hastings decide to go through making the company reach beyond other countries. Netflix believe that they will be able to offer their service in 200 countries which includes China, if they can successfully acquire the needed permission.




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