Microsoft to give whopping 100GB free OneDrive Storage for old and new members of Bing Rewards program

Cloud storage is truly versatile and prolific as it provide users the means to get into their files wherever they are and at any time provided that they have internet access and log on to account that are linked to a cloud storage,

Many people these days are well-acquainted with sites that provide cloud storage feature like Dropbox, which happens to be one of the largest tech-based companies in the software segment. Dropbbox is built with its own cloud storage just like OneDrive. Microsoft’s OneDrive intends to give delight to its users as it dangling out a hefty 100GB of free OneDrive Storage provided that they will become Bing Rewards members.

Signing up for the Bing’s rewards program is a breeze and at the same time very advantageous as it enable the users to get saving and discounts while just using the Bing search engine.

Searching for various keywords and key phrases using Bing will allow members to pile up reward credits which can be used to obtain gift cards and an assortment of products or services. If it’s your first time to sign up, Microsoft is giving out 100GB of free cloud drive storage in OneDrive that is good for two years.

Dropbox also provided free cloud drive storage for users who had bought certain models of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, whilst others had to shell out some amount of money to receive the 50 GB (just half of OneDrive’s promo) storage perks which is also good for two years.

The OneDrive promo is truly enticing and better as opposed to the promos that have been handed out by Microsoft and even Google.

Creating free Bing rewards account may not be beneficial if you are already a loyal member of another service, but if you are in need of huge storage to store securely your massive documents, files, images, videos and the likes then the Bing rewards program is a must-have.


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