Stepping Out Early Will Help Build Self-Esteem among the LGBT Community, Study.

Young adults who reveal their real sexual inclinations may face harassment in school but they come out more adjusted in life and self-assured than those who are ashamed to reveal their real identities.

This is according to the latest study on this subject matter by the University of Arizona, published in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. The research team interviewed 245 LGBT in Northern California whose age ranges from 21 to 25. The participants were in high school and they were asked the kind of treatment they receive as LGBT. Were they bullied or discriminated. They were asked during the time of the interview the level of their self-esteem and are they satisfied with their lives.

Bullying was experienced by almost everyone, but more so for those in high school. However what is more revealing was that those who chose to come out in the open in their high school years said they experienced less depression and they are more self assured compared to those who chose to stay inside the closets of their real self.

The results may not be very conclusive at the moment since the research only involved very few respondents and it was done in a place where people are more tolerant to LGBT individuals.

The co-author of the report, Stephen Russell said that the research should be done in other places of the country also.

In a related topic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did a study  in 3013 through its  National Health Interview Survey on the health of Americans. The respondents were asked about their sexual orientations for the first time.

There were 34,557 adults who were interviewed ages from 18 and older. The survey revealed that 1.6 percent said they were either gay or lesbian. Only 0.7 percent said they were bisexual. Critics of the report said the numbers reported were much lower compared to other researches but they were within the accepted norm.


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