A Schooled Walking Dead Zombie

The truth is, we don’t even know who these survivor squad actors are on The Walking Dead series, the names of Andrew Lincoln or Melissa McBride would hardly be mentioned. The show is generally focused on zombies yet viewers overlook their great talents in portraying a realistic zombie. And did you know that these zombie actors went through a casting process in a special school for that? Greg Nicoleto the executive producer and effects mastermind arranged it himself.

He wishes to have actors that can imitate Boris Karloff in the Frankenstein monster’s make up , yet he expects them to act more than just walking around like anybody with arms held straight stretching in front . Scott Gimple the show-runner and the episodes’ directors know their jobs in making the whole show captivating to the viewers as well.

There is this strange emotional inconsistency that concerns the feeling of compassion towards this existence that only knows its need. Nicotero had been always fascinated in creating a situation that involves the emotional side of the zombies through the actor’s ability to present this character.

Nicotero is admired by his dedication on practical effects that shows his interest in making the zombies realistic through his exceptional directing abilities. Unlike the computer generated movie I Am Legend which only used animated zombies, it truly is more interesting to see real people playing the character of a zombie. Ever wonder how often they might have to go through the zombie school in a year? It surely does look like a lot of work to do but the guy just want to show his ability to teach these actors how to walk and groan like a real zombie should. All they need now is to open a makeup school where it should be enough to convince viewers that these zombies are real.






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