What the New McDonald’s CEO has to do To Bring the Giant Fast Food Restaurant Back to Number 1


McDonald’s will be under a new CEO in a few weeks, Steve Easterbrook will be looking after the well being of this very famous and controversial brand.

McDonald is not exempted from having issues on sales that are going down. Four industry experts gave their same opinion that it will not be an easy task to reverse it though it is not yet too late to make a step towards dealing with the issue.

So what should Easterbrook consider first?

Here are the list that experts say Easterbrook must take heed on;

* Reintroduce simplicity in food preparation. Newly created line of food with nothing but enhancers should be replaced with what originally was being served. . “McDonald’s needs to return to its roots. It needs to make the best burgers and fries that can possibly be imagined. And it should leave the salads and lattes to competitors who make them better.”

* Focus on simple ingredients. Most people today prefer to know what the food that they are buying contain. Says restaurant industry consultant Linda Lipsky. She says McDonald should take notice on this, especially on their main product. They need to change their menu like switching on to something more natural that can make customers feel at ease.

* Weight on value. McDonald’s tend to over price their products and not basing it much on its actual value.  “McDonald’s must be perceived as a good deal — particularly in comparison to fast-casual chains such Chipotle” says Jeff Davis, chief operating officer at Sandelman & Associates, a market research specialist for food-service companies. “Everyday value needs to be front and center on the menu.”

* Retaining a specific design. McDonald’s stores nowadays would each look different using colors or store designs that does not recognize its identity. This would confuse customers to some other fast-food stores. Lipsky suggests McDonald’s to choose a specific design – she says “ideally one that targets a younger demographic — and stick with it. Beyond the golden arches icon, McDonald’s needs to select a store design that consistently looks and feels like a McDonald’s. “

* Employees giving their best treatment to customers. The employees represent McDonald’s therefore they should be well trained on how to properly serve their customer. McDonald’s need to consider on demonstrating franchisees on how to hire the best employees and teach them how to give good service. “Research shows that happy employees provide great service to happy customers” Robin Dipietro says.








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