Meet the Intelligent Search and Rescue Google Robot Dog, Spot

Google bought a company in 2013 named Boston Dynamics. It’s made famous by it’s a robotic dog named Big Dog which walks on its fours and is capable of walking even at most difficult terrain. Now comes a wonderful surprise, he has a baby brother. That’s nice isn’t it? A playmate for Big Dog. His name is Spot. He is only 160 lbs. compared to his elder bother who’s 240 lbs. Better be careful there big brother. You don’t want baby brother getting hurt in one of those rough plays, ok?

The two share the same amazing features having the same number of hydraulic legs, with sensor heads, and both have the exceptional ability of staying upright while negotiating slopes and go their way over rough grounds.

Spot may have a dog’s name but he walks like a horse, the weird kind, going along its way by picking its feet off the ground with graceful strut and keeps face with running people by using its horse gait. It gets picked on. What can you expect, it’s robot the smallest made by Boston Dynamics’ highly creative team. Watching its inaugural video presentations, you will see some of the staffs trying to kick the hose-dog, but the built in sensors of Spot would help it recover immediately as if he just tripped while running in a field.

Spot might be lighter than most of Dynamic robots, but it can outrun easily the much bigger LS3rough-terrain counterpart. It would not however be able to match the carrying capacity of its brother. The smaller robot may not be able to perform Herculean jobs, but Spot can be used both for indoor and outdoor chores. It can ultimately wind up as a search and rescue device, also excellent for mapping purposes and in accessing disaster areas where no humans can go.



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