Drugged drivers are more prone to car accidents than the drunk drivers

According to the report that has been furnished by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of drivers that are under the influence of booze  on their database have decreased to 1/3 over the past 8 years, while the number of drivers that are into drugs have increased by almost 50%.

NHTSA has also disclosed that the number of drunk drivers have lowered by almost 3/4 since 1973, the same year when the agency started making anonymous roadside survey. The head of the NHTSA Mark Rosekind, disagreed that the reduced accidents involving drunk drivers has something to do with the anti-drunk driving campaigns of the government. Rosekind has also stated that that there was no victory for as long there is at least one American that is killed in a car crash caused by alcohol drinking.

The NHTSA’s latest survey will reveal that 22% of drivers were tested positive for using at least one drug or medication that could affect safe driving. The drugged drivers are tested positive for illegal drugs like marijuana, or by prescription and over-the-counter drugs. These drugs and medication affects the nervous system and paved the way for numerous car crashes.

The NHTSA had whipped up five surveys for the past four decades and the data was piled up from drivers who agreed to voluntary participate in the survey across the country.

The recent survey bared that 8% of the drivers that are aboard a car during the late hours of weekend had been intoxicated with booze, while 1.5% surpassed the limit of .08 percent of alcohol on their bloodstream, but still these will reveal that the number of both types of drivers that are drunk plummeted to 30% compared with the survey that had been conducted in 2007 survey.

The NHTSA has also discovered that that the number of marijuana users who were tested positive for the drug whilst driving has skyrocketed to 50% as opposed to the 12.6% in 2014 and 8.6% in 2007. Moreover, over 15% are tested positive for at least one illegal drug.

A separate study whipped up in Virginia Beach evaluated the risk of drunk as compared to drugged driving. Over 3,000 drivers participated in the study had experienced car crash, while 6,000 were not involved in car accident.

The final outcome of the study revealed that drugged drivers were more prone to get involved in a car accident than the drunk drivers. Researchers made it clear that the aim of the motive behind that behavior was correlated to the age of the pot smokers. Cannabis users are typically young men, which are noted for being reckless drivers seven when not under the influence of drugs.

Jeff Michael, one of the study researchers quipped that “Drivers should never get behind the wheel impaired, and we know that marijuana impairs judgment, reaction times and awareness,”

In contrast, potheads are inclined to be more careful than the drunk drivers since they are aware that they are incapacitated.

Researchers noted that some drivers are under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana and tend to be less careful than the drunk drivers.



  1. guy says

    Marijuana stays in your system for a long time. Studies have already proven that marijuana has no effect on driving.

  2. Tim says

    This article is misleading, beginning with the title. The NHTSA study that is cited found that drivers testing positive for illegal drugs were far less likely to get in an accident than drunk drivers. But the article goes and finds a separate study in order to claim that drivers testing positive for illegal drugs are more dangerous behind the wheel.

    As for the second study, does this “drugged” driving mean these people simply tested positive for residual compounds, or does it mean they were still under the influence of whatever drug they had taken? I don’t know because the article didn’t link to any report of the study.

    Based on the title, selective reporting of the facts, and the general tone, this article seems to have an agenda, somewhat subtly arguing that pot and other drugs are more dangerous than alcohol.

  3. nick says

    You’ve got this completely backwards. The conclusion of the studies is that, when controlling for outside factors, marijuana users are FAR LESS LIKELY to be in crashes than those who use alcohol, and that marijuana alone in fact poses little to no statistically significant increase in the risk for a crash. Your headline is exactly, completely, 100% wrong. You need to correct this and write a retraction IMMEDIATELY.

    Stoned drivers are a lot safer than drunk ones, new federal data show

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