Tulane Center Staff May have been Infected with Burkholderia pseudomallei. Told to Stop Operation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had advised Tulane center to stop its research on an unsafe germ while they are putting the center’s procedures under investigation.

It was reported that a federal investigator was tested and came up positive for the germ that causes meliodosis two weeks after investigating Tulane’s research on the germ using two monkeys that seem to have been infected with the bacterium called Burkholderia pseudomallei.

The investigator though was tested and the result was negative, the symptoms when she became sick was just common and she could have gotten it during her travel overseas, CDC confirmed.

Mellodosis though is assumed to unlikely spread from person to person and that there is no symptoms of the illness if a human acquires it , it was stated by CDC on its website.

“We work with infectious agents all the time,” Andrew Lackner director of the primate center explained. “That’s what we do.”

He said it confused him as to how the bacterium might have escaped from the secured confinement of the laboratory’s control. He claimed that it was the first time to happen in their laboratory.

A statement from St. Tammany Parish officials said that nobody at the center got ill. The first test that were taken from the two animals’ cages show that none of their cage mates was ever infected or exposed with the germ , a statement was released from the primate center emailed by Tulane spokesman .

“Furthermore, a sample from one of the animals taken two days before admission to the hospital was negative. This raises the distinct possibility that the animals were infected with Burkholderia after hospital admission,” the statement explained.

The CDC admitted that their investigators did not find a confirmed cause that might be the source of the bacteria’s release. Tulane center is then advised not to continue on its research on organisms that can be hazardous to the public health and safety until investigation is cleared.









  1. Glen Mayne says

    There is more to this story than is being reported. Here is a link to another source of information besides the CDC. The bacteria that causes meliodosis is a tier 1 select agent, in the same category as ebola, marburg virus, and anthrax. It is a biological warfare agent.

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