Blood Testing is Required Before Children are Allowed Back to School In Santa Monica Day Care


The officials of the Infant Toddler Center did the right thing closing the school after discovering that one of their students was confirmed to have measles. The classrooms were empty for 4 days.

Today, the Santa Monica-based day care center did even better by banning students who can’t show a proof of vaccination from entering school premises afraid of infecting other children.

Parents who can’t show proof of vaccination of their children will be required to have their children undergo blood testing in order to prove that they have indeed been vaccinated.

One mother, Fabiola Gonzales, was emailed by the school telling her that her 2-year old son will have to undergo blood testing before he can go back to school.

“I got that done, we’re clear, he’s clear, so we’re excited to come back,” Gonzalez said.

Adrian was allowed to go back to school with others after the school opened again.

Fourteen parents were personally contacted by the Department of Public Health who were with the same class with Adrian informing them not to bring their children to school until the 21 day home isolation has been fully achieved.

The Department of Public Health further added that they are still investigating where the infant contracted the disease.

There’s an ongoing investigation by the Department of Public Health regarding where the infant may have gotten the infection. It was fortunate that most of the students attending the class were vaccinated.

“A lot of the parents were concerned, you know, it’s been spreading so rapidly right now, and I know a lot of parents are checking their immunization records like I did,” parent Debra Mack said..

Santa Monica high school department remained open despite the fact that it was located in the same campus with the day care.

Some parent’s including Mack are apprehensive that their kids may get infected. School officials are issuing daily bulletins informing the parents of what’s going on in the school.



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