Retailer week cool offer: Buy 3 Amiibo figures for just $33

The highly anticipated “Retailer Week” will inevitably usher in a busy schedule for kids, young at hearts and Nintendo. The video games giant is all systems go in finally releasing its four new fangled Amiibo. The painful long wait is finally over and the would-be buyers are in for a treat.

This week, fans and enthusiasts will just need to shell out $33 to obtain three Amiibo figures at Toys R Us. Amazing treat isn’t it, since Toys R Us usually priced each piece at $13.99 and the three Amiibo will easily fetched at a regular price of $42. The sale will enable the buyer to save a total of $9.

Toys R Us has already rolled the exclusive Lucario a few weeks ago and Bowser, Toon Link, and Sheik had also made their debut. The four still awaits the release of four members of the non-exclusive wave three figures such as Mega Man, Sonic King Dedede, and Ike, this coming Friday at Toys R Us.

It is not disclosed whether these figures are on a limited production, but it is tipped that at least one from the lot like Ike will be hard to obtain in the coming days. If you are a staunch collector or die-hard Amiibo fanatic then it is always a good idea to get all of them to save you from pit of despair later on.


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