General Motors to produce Chevy Bolt EV in northern part of Detroit | Date of release of Chevy Bolt is on Oct 2016

The General Motor’s vaunted Chevy Bolt EV made its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last January 12 and the company is mulling over releasing the vehicle on October next year. The sleek car is expected to be manufactured with a cost of $30,000 per unit and its production will materialize in northern Detroit.

GM aims at producing around 25,000 up to 30,000 cars annually. Last year GM had sold 18,800 Chevy Volt hybrid electric cars which costs around $35,000 and utilized small gasoline engine to improve its length of travel of up to a superb 200 miles.

GM has already carved out a niche in the electric cars segment, and thanks to the launching of the newest Bolt model last year it looks like GM is poised to have a smooth sailing this year.

The Chevy Bolt brings in some distinct features and it is groomed to compete toe-to-toe with chief rival Tesla Model 3. SMN Weekly said that the two car models are currently available in the market said

Keep in mind that GM’s Chevrolet Bolt is not the same as Chevrolet’s Volt, a plug-in electric car that is also equip with gasoline engine as its back-up when the electric motor loses steam and fizzles out. The Volt is capable of covering distance of up to 50 miles while using electrical energy source which is a shade under Bolt’s range.

The new Chevy Bolt is expected to hit the market in 2017.


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