Another Claim Against actor Bill Cosby: No Hint of Extortion Here.

Every time Bill Cosby is about to start a new show, another accuser comes out. Isn’t he a victim of extortion? Just asking. I know it’s too farfetched.

The accusations that had exposed the comedian actor Bill Cosby of being involved in drugs and sexually assaulting 30 women in the past had certainly affected his well respected image in show business.  Last Sunday a cancellation of his two shows at the Wilbur Theater in Boston was reported explaining that the weather was to be blamed. People had been rallying outside the theater to express their disapproval on Cosby’s said offenses.

Helen Gumpbel a former actress and model had been supporting other victims had planned to join the rally. She had claimed that Cosby had once made a pass on her in 1987 which she declined in disgust. During a news conference, she had called the actor arrogant for carrying on with his national tour. She said “Why does this man have to come out all this time? Does he like the attention?” she continued “Why doesn’t he just hide for a minute? Why doesn’t he face all these women? “

Gumpel is undoubtedly determined to get Cosby into a dialogue or even a confession. Mitchell Garabedian , Gumpel’s lawyer said “ Bill Cosby can cancel his shows, but he’s never going to silence these women. “ Gumpel and her lawyer Garabedian plan to bring about a formal inquiry on Cosby’s conduct and expect him to be responsible for his actions towards his said victims.


Gumpel had told her story about her incident with Cosby years back. Gumpel was known as Helen Selby then, she said Cosby had managed to get her to a couch in his dressing room as he gave her a drink when he stood in front of her with his crotch just inches away from her face. Cosby’s party did not react quickly to a comment that needed

to be replied sooner.

The Wilbur Theater displayed a notice on their website to make a statement on their website that Sunday morning. They have apologized for the unforeseen change and said that the tickets were all to be refunded where they were bought. There was no explanation included as to explain the reason for the cancellation. Cosby had said later in Boston Globe that his decision to cancel the show was a result of the threatening “treacherous” weather.








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    The media and Cosby critics should hold the accusers to the same scrutiny.

    Journalist Don Bauder writes, “In late 2005, Cosby accuser Tamara Green was suspended from practice of law because of three client incidents. In one, she received a lengthily retained payment of $20,000 that was owed to the client. In another case, Green took $1000 from a client and then failed to do the legal work. In the third case, she failed to appear at trial on behalf of a client. Her client phoned the office number and found the number was disconnected. Green had moved her office without notifying the client.”

    Work cited:

    Which Tamara Green we talking about? Cosby accuser’s rocky career as attorney documented. By Don Bauder, Nov. 24, 2014.

    A con lawyer with a shady personality. This is what we are character-lynching Bill Cosby for.

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