Washington’s Mysterious White Powdery Rain, Isn’t a Sign of Nuclear Winter

Oregon and Washington areas have been inundated with a milky white ash. Emergency officials in both states have  been observing this phenomena. Where the substance may have originated has not been determined yet as of this moment. The chalky rain has covered more than 15 cities the report said. The Spokane weather service has been collecting samples of this white rain for lab assay. No results have been given yet.

Windows and car windshields are stained by the mysterious dirty white substance brought about by a rainstorm coming from the direction of the pacific area.  This is the first time that something like this ever happened in both states or anywhere in the country for that matter. Was there any nuclear attack? There was none. These white powdery rain has nothing to do with nuclear fallout.

People are cautioned about driving carefully and to clean their windshields to avoid any accidents. There are also no report of any diseases related to the substance. There are no calls for medical assistance so far.

Experts are postulating that the mysterious white substance are the ashes which came from a recent volcanic eruption either in Mexico or Russia. It was opined that while the rough weather system was moving along its path, it happened to snag some volcanic dusts or ash which it carried with it and dropping them along the way.

Walla Walla County’s emergency management staff released a statement and posted it on its Facebook that the ash may have come from Volcano Shiveluch in Kamchatka Krai, Russia, some 3,000 miles away. During the last week of January, Volcano Shiveluch disgorged a cascading volcanic ash exploding as high as 22,000 feet.

County officials mentioned as well that there is still no scientific explanation where the white rain originated and if there were volcanoes active at the moment.  CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam suggested that a volcano may have erupted somewhere in southwestern Colima, Mexico and may have been  the reason for the mysterious white rain



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