The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Fats

Fats of the animals are the most pleasing to the nose and mesmerizing to the taste buds. In the Bible, God always insist about fat offerings. Lean meats alone without some fats, even just a small amount sticking to the animal flesh, won’t be as delicious.

Fats are sources of energy most of all if eaten in right amounts. Fats is the building block of cell membranes and it protects our brain from trauma inside of our skull. It cushions our brain. It also shape to a woman’s body and insulates our body from cold weather. These are the good fats, and there are more.

So why do so many people hate fats?

Eating too much fat will make us sick. We know that already. They can clog our veins and arteries. They will also cling to our body organs making it very difficult for them to function. Imagine your heart enclosed with several layers of body lipids, another name for fats, it’s going to be very difficult for it to do its pumping job.

It’s getting hit by a double whammy. Since the blood vessels are narrower due to fat deposits. the heart will have to pump more vigorously to maintain the same volume of blood flowing in the entire body. Coupled with the fats clinging to it keeping it very heavy, it won’t be long before you will die of heart disease.

It’s the same thing with our lungs, liver, kidneys and so on. Where’s too much fat in them, they can’t perform their full function and at the same time you are going to suffer from the diseases accompanying the fat deposits such as fatty liver. These are the bad fats. And there are more as well.

So what more is there? Don’t forget the ugly fats. They are what makes your abdomen look gross, they are the hanging fats in your double chins and sagging upper arms. Your face will appear bloated with too much of them there. Everything that makes you look ugly is due to too much body fat deposit.

In order to maintain your healthy good fats, prevent the bad fats from making you sick and the ugly fats turning you into an obese person,  you should eat balance diet and at the same time do some exercise.






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