Whopping Cough Vaccine’s Potency Deteriorates More Every Year, According to Health Experts.

California is again in the center stage of the news and again for the wrong reason. Whopping cough is threatening the state and with measles still very evident, there’s bound to be a lot of complication to happen. It was exactly what happened last year.

What are the similarities between the whooping cough or pertussis and measles? They are both highly infectious, fatal, and their vaccines very effective. Or is it?

Measles vaccine is highly effective but we couldn’t say the same about the pertussis vaccines. Despite with very high pertussis vaccination, the bacteria is infecting more people in this California city in an alarming rate, according to a report. Is this another flu and measles crisis in the making?

Elk Grove had a whopping cough incidence much higher than other places in Sacramento County. It’s approximately higher by three to five times compared to other localities in Sacramento County last year. To think that only 80 out of the 4,500kindergartnerss chose not to get vaccinated according to Sacramento Bee.

“Children who were vaccinated did not receive the protection desired,” said Kate McAuley, program coordinator of communicable disease and immunization at the Sacramento County Public Health Department.

The effectiveness whopping cough medicine has continue to decline each year since it was formulated in the 1990s, medical experts say. Children are exposed to the disease with less protection as each year passes. They get sick before the booster can be administered, reported by the Bee. Today’s vaccines use only part of the bacteria responsible for the whopping cough unlike the old formula which utilizes whole dead bacteria. The alteration was done when children receiving the vaccines started to show allergic reactions which include high fever and convulsions.

However the new vaccines are only very effective during its first year and after that it loses its full potency, according experts in a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Health official are highly concerned because of what happened last year when 11,000 Californians were infected by whopping cough which was a record high.

“It’s not correct to only pin (the pertussis outbreak) on the people who are unvaccinated,” Mark Sawyer, a professor of pediatrics at the University of California, San Diego, and a member of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s immunization practices committee, told the Bee. “The effectiveness of the vaccine is a huge part of this. People who are immunized do still get pertussis.”

Yet, Sawyer and other experts encourage parents to submit their children to vaccination against pertussis because it’s the best thing to do. Getting infected is reduced to the minimum. Even adults are urged to do the same. Pertussis or whopping cough can be fatal.

“People shouldn’t avoid this vaccine for any reason,” Sawyer said.

Information from: The Sacramento Bee, http://www.sacbee.com



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