Sen. Schumer Spoke About Measles Vaccines and it Made a Lot of Sense


At last, something good is coming out of the current measles virus infection mini outbreak.

The suggestion of Sen. Chuck Schumer, the good senator from New York, is not only timely but highly sensible. The feds should give free measles vaccination and the supporting booster dose. The comment was made last Sunday.

And also making it more accessible to the people will also encourage many others to avail of it. Why don’t put up some vaccination centers in areas where large number of people go daily.  Putting it up in malls will be one big step in the right direction.

Sen. Chuck Schumer challenged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help contain the infection faster by offering it for free including the follow up dose. The measles vaccines are usually given at schools and health clinics.

“We need to do everything possible to prevent the measles from spreading before it becomes endemic,” Schumer said. “Surprisingly, a significant number of people are not vaccinated.”

Currently, at least there are 102 confirmed cases of measles infections reported and 15 including 15 different states and New York is one of them.

Everything had its beginning, last December at Disneyland. According to the investigation, it was caused by an unvaccinated visitor from outside of the US. It started slowly then spread quickly after just few days. One of the victims even brought it outside of the country to Mexico City.

Places like day care centers where infants below one year old were also infected. Some schools were also closed and the officials are not allowing the unvaccinated students to attend classes.

The pro vaccination and anti-vaccination group are having heated discussions using their own experts and arguments. There should be new laws to force all parents to have their children vaccinated.

“Unfortunately, it seems like every day we hear of a new measles case,” Schumer said.



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