How to Combat Millions of Free Radicals Waiting to Oxidize You Out of Existence

What makes us old and sick? Of course it has to do with our work, stress and the food we eat.  It’s the food that we eat that has the greatest effect. Our diet is the major determinant why we grow old fast and suffering from a lot of diseases.

Choosing our food intake will keep our eyes shiny, our skin glowing and our hair full and alive. Skin wrinkles will be the least of your concern.

There are of course foods that are better than others and they don’t have to taste awful. The best foods are those containing a lot of antioxidants. What does antioxidants do?

We have in our bodies called free radicals. They are also known as oxidants. They are molecules with only one electron. They go through our bodies snatching the electrons of other molecules in the process destroying them as well. When they do this, they will destroy the cells and the organs eventually. They have a multiplier effect. When they destroy an electron, that electron will destroy another and the two will destroy four and the four eight and so on.

Before long you will have wrinkles, gray and falling hair, dull eyes, and diseases like arthritis, diabetes and even cancer.

Free radicals are the byproduct of our body metabolism. But sometimes there’s too much of them they can damage our body and lead us to early aging process and sickness and untimely death. Pollution, bad lifestyle and eating unhealthy foods are the most common reasons why free radicals are formed.

The best way to deal with them is for you to take antioxidant supplements or eat food with antioxidants. Antioxidants will restore the lost electrons of the free radicals or oxidants and eventually end their electron stealing escapades. The excess radicals will be excreted from outside the body.

Foods rich in vitamin C, E,  B complex, minerals and omega 3 among others will help restore your skin glow. Shiny eyes and bubbly hair. In other health foods with lots of antioxidant will help restore the healthy balance of your body.


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