[Video] Google’s new Android YouTube ad titled “Friends Furever” went viral

Google has just provided a very delightful and entertaining ad of its very popular mobile operating Android but so far one website views it as an indirect hit at its chief rival Apple Inc.

The new Android app showcases strong friendship shared by cute and adorable animals spending some time and having fun together and comes with the title “Friends Furever,” which is posted on YouTube last Thursday.

The ad which also features a rustic yet wonderful commercial song “Oo-De-Lally” by Roger Miller went viral and has so far amassed an amazing 4,321,506 page views as of 7:05 February 8, 2015 PST.

The brief video clocked 1 minute and 3 seconds and ended with the message that reads, “Be together. Not the same.”

The Verge site has stated in an earlier report that the ad could have suggested that while majority of the smartphones run Android, “there’s plenty of room to make each phone and tablet your very own.” The site added that it could be a hit at Apple which owns the Android main rival, the iOS, which is run by iPad and flagship iPhones.


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