Samsung’s less expensive NX500 will make its debut on March

Consumer electronics magnate Samsung has made an announcement of its unveiling of affordable compact camera which it dubs as NX500 next month.

The South Korean company said that the new compact camera is slated to land in retail stores in the second week of March and it is pegged at a reasonable price of $799. The new fangled camera comes with a 16-50mm power zoom lens and 3-inch Super AMOLED with Touch Screen.

The NX500 will come in silver color and its leatherette covering will come in three different variants: black, brown, and white color options.

The portable and thin NX500 boasts of a flip-up screen and peppered with an BSI-CMOS designed APS-C image sensor, and has a generous of resolution of 28MP. The camera is capable or recording video in an impressive 1080 p or h. 265 4K quality. The frame rate of the camera when shooting in UHD will be 30fps, while the frame rate when shooting in full 4K will be 24fps.

The 4.7″ x 2.5″ x 1.7″ camera has a maximum limit for continuous shooting of 9fps and its shutter can shoot at a speed of  1/6,000 second. The camera’s sensor boasts phase and contrast detection for fast focus and brings in special modes that automatically detect and shoots at sports action.

Built with a 3-inch Super AMOLED with Touch Screen it, a single tap on the display will allow the users to navigate through menus or focus. The camera also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for fast and convenient image transfer to other devices and remote control through the Samsung Camera Manager app.


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