Poisoned Birds In Marion, Florida Include Two Bald Eagles

A report said that in Marion county Florida, birds believed to be poisoned were found dead or sick around the vicinity said officials who are connected to the local animal sanctuary. They have been picking these poor birds in attempt to bring them to the sanctuary and save them. They have actually picked two bald eagles which they found lately on Monday, unfortunately the other one did not make it.

A volunteer from Animis Foundation, a nonprofit rescue center in Ocala dedicated to rescue and care for wildlife and domestic animals, Michelle Whitfield had said that they have rescued two vultures and 10 bald eagles in just five years.

The bald eagle which is the national bird of the United States had been protected by the law even when it has been removed from the federal list of endangered species. Rescue units are stationed in Southwest 27th Avenue where these sick birds are taken for emergency treatment. The two eagles that were rescued were given oxygen to keep them alive since they seemed to need it really bad, Whitfield had said.

These birds are carefully monitored while they are given proper attention and medication

Until they stabilize are ready to be transferred to the Auburn Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland for further treatment and observation. A volunteer from Auburn Center, Beth Lot in Maitland said that the center had recently received another batch of sick birds that reached up to more than a dozen which all appeared to be poisoned. They were all treated at the center and luckily most of them survived, Lot said.

These birds are placed in the sanctuary and each are tagged to easily track them so that when they show signs of improvement which tells that they are healthy enough to survive the wild, they are brought back to Marion County and from there these birds are being released.

Whitfield revealed that the result of the tests on the birds that were rescued showed that they were definitely poisoned by a drug known as phenobarbital, which is used to painlessly kill animals like cats and dogs when they have to be put to sleep.


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