Google and Twitter forges new team up

Two top technological giants Google and Twitter have just forged a formidable team up once again.

Internet magnate Google has disclosed that it will team up with Twitter and agreed to display the latter’s feeds on its search results again. Two companies had separated two years ago in the same deal but love is sweeter the second time around.

The deal gives Google the alternative of making the deal short-term or long-term and provides the internet users to get into relevant tweets with their searches.

This development is a win-win for both companies especially Google since the deal will grant Google an access to the accounts of the Twitter user. This  will imply that Google will now have more information to provide on users’ searches.

Twitter Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo who has spent a lot of his time to make Twitter better and stronger said that the deal is also a major victory for his company. The company has already extracted deals with search engine powerhouses Bing search service of Microsoft and Yahoo! Inc. The recent deal will certainly help Twitter become more visible on the web.

Twitter quipped that the deal doesn’t cover advertising agreement, though it will obtain a data-licensing agreement, which will most likely cost tens of millions of dollars annually.

The pact will also help Twitter’s biggest problem of attracting new users on its fold since the company will be possibly accessed by the mammoth users of Google search engines who haven’t signed up with Twitter yet.

Google stated that both engineers of Google and Twitter are now collaborating on combining the two platforms but the unveiling of the new feature is still not yet confirmed. According to industry analysts the feature will possibly be launched very soon.

It is still remain to be seen whether the new partnership will have a plausible impact on Google’s search results.

Twitter has just disclosed in a press release that nearly half billion tweets are unleashed on its platform every day. The deal could provide the internet users a nice source of reviews for Google’s eCommerce platform which still hasn’t penetrated the mainstream since it debuted three years ago.

The disclosure of the deal has helped Twitter shares gain 1.3% increase to $41.26, while Google registered under 1% increase.



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