Including muscadine red wine or fruits, in your daily diet will keep your liver healthy and blood sugar at normal levels

Drinking the juice of a red grape or a red wine moderately can burn fat, the journal-published report says. A molecular biologist and at the same time chemist, Neil Shay, said that both compounds reduce body weight instead of enhancing it. Their mode of action is to burn fats and that means melting them especially those in the liver. The study however, didn’t mention anything about red wine’s ability to reduce weight.  Shay, works in the United States at OSU

The research team said that including grapes in your diet will help a lot in containing the accumulation of fats in the liver.

The research was done involving fat cells and lab grown human liver cells. Both of them were dissolved with the extract of 4 chemicals of Muscadine grapes. Muscadine grapes contain ellagic acids which retards the development of fat cells strongly.

During the research, several rats were feed with 10% fat diet, a normal fat diet, and 60% fat meal were fed to the rest. The trial lasted for two and a half months. Those mice fed high-fat diet showed symptoms of diabetes and a fatty liver. While mice fed with extracts of grapes ended with less fat build up and their blood sugar went down.

What proved to be the most important ingredient in the in the experiment is the presence of ellagic acid. It reduced the blood sugar of those mice which were on a higher fat diet.

The result of the experiment was very convincing in showing how beneficial these drinks to our health are. Aside from burning fats and preventing memory loss, other advantages are fighting cavities, cancer prevention, and maintaining good memory.

Ashok Shetty, Texas A&M Health’s faculty, explained that a compound from red wine also help restrict memory loss, with people of certain ages. The compound was highly advertised on its capacity to stop heart disease. And also, red wine is beneficial to our brain. Shelly and the rest of the team believes the brain part that promotes learning, mood and memory in man is the hippocampus.




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    Red wine contains resveratrol which has excellent anti-oxidant properties which itself is responsible for anti-inflammatory activity. Due to this effect resveratrol containing compound including red wine are effective for prevention and treatment of several diseases including heart diseases and brain. There are resveratrol products available in market but recommendations are not clear for it. Check the current guidelines on database for recommendations.

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