Toilet Paper With the Image of Hong Kong Leader “Cartoon Style”


An official of a small political party who had placed the order of the toilet papers said Chinese authorities made sure that those toilet paper rolls were confiscated. The said toilet paper rolls contained the image of Leung Chun ying , the pro-Beijing chief executive. Authorities were able to take control of the 8,000 rolls of toilet paper and another 20,000 packages. The toilet papers were to be sold in the market in time for the Chinese New Year celebration this month, according to Lo kinhei vice chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party

The action by the authorities was made after Hong Kong was threatened by a great pro-democracy movement where demonstrators called for their freedom to elect. Protesters showed their displeasure at Leung and called him a puppet of Beijing.

Lo said that the authorities did not explain their reason for confiscating the $ 12,900 worth of toilet papers that was produced. For obvious reasons, authorities had done their part of holding the goods to keep it from getting into the market to protect the leader from any malicious intention of the opposing party.

“I guess the Chinese authorities don’t like people mocking government officials, especially high-ranking government officials after the movement. They have become more cautious about criticisms about them,” he said.

The same rolls of toilet papers were actually sold last year on a seasonal market and that the party responsible for it intended to get more of it this year from a Chinese city of Shenzhen,

The said image of Leung that was printed in the toilet papers were rendered in cartoon to ridicule Leung. An image of him had fangs and a word “lying” appears on his forehead. The production of the toilet papers were ordered under a different person’s name , Lo said it was a name of a friend to protect them and even communications between the manufacturer and the buyer were done through this particular person instead of them.

Lo added that he also refused to reveal the manufacturer‘s name and did not tell of its location information including its factory owner. He said they are concerned of his safety.

This issue of keeping other parties from their freedom of expression seem to make them worry that authorities will be more watchful of any similar display of conduct.


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